Request for AFM images

Michael Deal mdeal at
Mon Sep 26 08:32:40 PDT 2005

AFM users in SNF,
      As part of SNF's education program, we are doing a demo and workshop 
for some high school teachers about exploring the nano-world.  This 
includes talking about and showing them (via a high resolution webcamera) 
the AFM in SNF.   As part of this we would like to show them some AFM 
images taken by labmembers.
     So I'm asking if any of you can share some AFM images that you have 
taken in SNF  that we could use in the demo/workshop being held in early 
November.  We'd prefer if you could just send us (or otherwise get to us) 
the raw AFM images, since we will show them using the AFM software.  Any 
image(s) are fine, and they can be of nanostructures, devices, different 
types of surfaces, high resolution features,  comparisons  between 
different structures, etc.,  and in general are examples of what the AFM is 
used for in the lab.
     If you wish, you can send me an email describing what kinds of images 
you have that we might want to show,  and then we can make arrangements to 
get copies of the files.
     Thanks very much.  This is very important for our program.
			-Mike  Deal, SNF Director of Special Programs

p.s. let me know if you are also interested in helping with the 
demo/workshop, held Nov. 8, 9.    

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