File Clean Up and Scanner Arrived

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Sep 27 11:19:09 PDT 2005

AFM2 Users,

Our scanner has arrived.  I will install it this afternoon and clear the 
yellow light.  Please continue to take care of our scanner.

I have also seen a lot of poor shut downs of the system.  Many times I have 
found the monitors and light sources left on and more importantly the stage 
has not be moved to the Load Sample location.  This makes it difficult for 
the next user.  There has to be a Sum signal to move the stage.  Once the 
tip has been removed there is no Sum signal.  Please make sure you move the 
stage to the Load Sample location as part of the shut down.

There are also numerous files in the default image capture file.  This is 
not where you store your images.  You must move them to your personal 
folder on the D drive.  I will delete all files in the default folder.  You 
have two weeks to either move your images out of the default folder or 
download them to another location.


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