AFM2 Update, 10/9

Ed Myers edmyers at
Mon Oct 9 17:00:32 PDT 2006


I am working on two approaches for getting the AFM functional.  The 
quickest is to reinstall the software.  Vecco is trying to compile an 
installation disk which matches our hardware configuration.  The 
delay relates to an undocumented upgrade.  Our software/hardware does 
not match their database.  I've taken pictures of our control boards 
and sent this out at the end of last week.  When I tried to follow up 
on Friday and today, one of the two parties have been out of the 
office for the day.  I have not been able to confirm they have the 
necessary information to generate the replacement software, so I 
don't have an estimated time the system will be functional.

The second approach is to update the software and replace the 
computer and potentially the drive board.  This is the 60-90 day 
quotation.  I have received approval for this upgrade, but the PO has 
not been placed.  This is not part of the critical path to get the 
system up and running since the software reinstall should be quicker.


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