AFM Update, 10/26/06

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Oct 25 14:00:01 PDT 2006


This is the communication I received from Veeco this morning.  It 
leaves me with the impression we should receive the new computer 
system soon.  I do not know how different the operating software will 
be or if some re-training will be required.  I did confirm, the 
computer and operating software will be USB compatible.  As a result, 
I do not plan on hooking the system up to the internet.


Hi Ed-

Okay, I have it ready, with any luck all the paperwork will get done 
today and it will go out the door.

Pat is on the road, actually I will be too as of noon, I think by the 
time I can find out id it did ship you should have it, but I'll try anyway.

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