AFM2 -Green Light

Ed Myers edmyers at
Fri Oct 27 18:56:36 PDT 2006


I just finished taking some quick scans on the AFM.  The software is 
very similar in feel to the older version.  I don't think any 
retraining is needed.  If you feel uncomfortable or want help, please 
let me know.

A couple of points to note:

1) The login name has changed to "nanoscope" and there is no 
password.  I made the change on the sheet of paper on the side of the 
acoustic cabinet.

2) The system will not go back on the world wide internet.  We will 
put it on the Shadow Internet which only allows connections to 
Stanford computers.  The computer still needs to be registered with 
Stanford before it can connected.

3) The USB locations are on the lower left side of the 
computer.  These will be easier to get to than the ones in the 
back.  Why they are not on the front, I don't know.

4) There are a lot of helpful and information files which can be 
opened using the short cut on the main screen.

5)  I don't have an appropriate sample to test the 
calibration.  Veeco has all of our scanner calibrations on file from 
the last repair.  My hope is they used these files when they built 
our software.  A phone conversation indicted this might have 
happened.  If you have a critical measurement need and you have a 
know sample you may want to verify you get the same answer.

Let me know any feedback you might have.


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