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Kwan Kyu Park kwankyup at
Wed Jun 4 16:50:52 PDT 2008

Dear AFM user.

I have been looking for the AFM program to install in my laptop.
I remember I downloaded installation program, but I lost it, when I  
formated by PC.

If anybody have AFM program (NanoScope) installation file, which is  
or is there any available third-party software to handle AFM data file?

Thank you in advance.



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> From: Ed Myers <edmyers at>
> Date: June 3, 2008 5:49:01 PM PDT
> To: Kwan Kyu Park <kwankyup at>
> Subject: Re: Fwd: NanoScope offline software
> Kwan-Kyu,
> I did not down load the file and the file was put on the web only  
> for a very limited time.  Some lab member use a third party free  
> ware, but I don't know what it is.
> Regards,
> Ed
> At 01:25 AM 6/3/2008, you wrote:
>> Dear Ed,
>> I asked to my labmate to get a link of NanoScope program.
>> I tried to get a software, however the ID and password does not work
>> anymore.
>> I think it would be much more convenient if I can install the
>> NanoScope program in my desktop.
>> If you have the installation file, can I stop by your office and ask
>> the file?
>> Thank you.
>> Kwan-Kyu
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>>>>> From: Ed Myers [mailto:edmyers at]
>>>>> Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 3:32 PM
>>>>> To: Recipient list suppressed:
>>>>> Subject: Fwd: NanoScope offline software
>>>>>> Dear Ed,
>>>>>> Feel free to distribute this software amongst the users in your
>>>>>> group who are analyzing images captured with a NanoScope.
>>>>>> V5.30r3sr3 OFFLINE SOFTWARE
>>>>>> Although I have received feedback from customers that this  
>>>>>> software
>>>>>> will run under Windows XP, please know that it is only designed  
>>>>>> to
>>>>>> work running under Windows NT and Windows 2000.
>>>>>> It has been determined that the system configuration to run this
>>>>>> offline version of the NanoScope software should meet the  
>>>>>> following
>>>>>> minimum requirements:
>>>>>> *       Pentium 300 Mhz processor,
>>>>>> *       128MB RAM,
>>>>>> *       Microsoft Windows NT 4.0.
>>>>>> HYPERLINK (easiest method for downloading)
>>>>>> Using Netscape or MSIE as your default browser, you can
>>>>> simply click
>>>>>> on the hyperlink below and you will be prompted to download the
>>>>>> file, "v530r3sr3.exe":
>>>>> /v530r3sr3.exe
>>>>>> If you are using an ftp utility, you must enter the user ID,
>>>>>> password, and the correct path and the file name in order to
>>>>>> download the "v530r3sr3.exe.
>>>>>> User ID: diftp
>>>>>> Password: nano
>>>>>> Path: public/outgoing/offline
>>>>>> Use the "get" command to specify the "v530r3sr3.exe" file
>>>>> for downloading.
>>>>>> Please respect the integrity of this password information, as  
>>>>>> it is
>>>>>> intended for your use only.
>>>>>> Once you have downloaded this file you must double click on it to
>>>>>> extract the contents to a folder.  Open the folder you've just
>>>>>> created and select setup.exe to install  the NanoScope
>>>>>> software.  The software will then create a directory and
>>>>> install the program.
>>>>>> If you look at the Windows NT task bar after you start the  
>>>>>> program,
>>>>>> you will see two NanoScope buttons.  Right click on the one that
>>>>>> says "control."  Then select "Move."  Your cursor should  
>>>>>> transform
>>>>>> into a four position directional pointer.  Then, use the arrow  
>>>>>> keys
>>>>>> on your keyboard to move the control window into view (I
>>>>> believe the
>>>>>> left arrow key accomplishes this).  Once the control window is in
>>>>>> view, you can toggle between it and the image window by simply
>>>>>> clicking on the desired screen.  If the image screen proves to be
>>>>>> too large to toggle between the two windows, try changing to a
>>>>>> higher screen resolution, as this will make the window
>>>>> sizes smaller.
>>>>>> This free software is intended to be loaded on a user-supplied
>>>>>> computer.  Digital Instruments is under no obligation to provide
>>>>>> either technical support, or support documentation for the use of
>>>>>> this software.
>>>>>> Contact your sales representative, or phone (800) 873-9750
>>>>>> Digital Instruments reserves the right to regulate the  
>>>>>> distribution
>>>>>> of NanoScope offline or workstation software without notice
>>>>>> Please respect the confidentiality of this password  
>>>>>> information, as
>>>>>> it is intended for your use only.
>>>>>> Regards,
>>>>>> Software Configuration Coordinator

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