AFM2 Superusers

Ed Myers edmyers at
Tue Jan 18 15:13:44 PST 2011


A new training model has been established for the AFM2.  We have 
moved away from staff training to lab member training.  This is an 
approach recommended by the lab member advisor committee.  If you 
look up the AFM2 on the Wiki, you will find the following approach to training.

There are 4 steps to complete training on the AFM.

1) First, read all documentation on the website pertaining to the tool.

2) Second, you must complete a 1-on-1 training with a user assigned 
to you by a tool superuser or SNF staff, fill out the form associated 
with a 1-on-1 training 
here), and submit 1 imaged surface made during this training. Bring 
AFM tips of your own to this training (tapping mode recommended; 
purchasable from the SNF stockroom).

3) Third, you must complete a final sign-off performed by an approved 
superuser or staff member. In this sign-off, you will be expected to 
operate the tool without prompting from the person performing the 
sign-off. You will be asked a few questions that you must answer 
correctly, as well. If you fail this sign-off, you must finish an 
additional task decided at the discretion of the trainer. You might 
be required to (a) ask for help from a co-worker to make a new image 
to submit, (b) practice with a superuser the part of machine 
operation you missed, or (c) complete another full 1-on-1 training.

4) After the previous steps, you will be given the ability to enable 
the machine. Your fourth task is to submit 1 image to demonstrate 
your ability to run the tool within 1 week of being able to enable 
the machine. If this is not done, your machine access will be revoked.

Please help support the lab and your lab member advisory committee by 
volunteering to be an AFM2 superuser.  Thank you Jason for your 
effort to get this started.


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