AG4100 Shutdown. Propose using 4108 now - Please respond

Robin King robinhmb at
Wed Nov 22 12:36:58 PST 2006

First, this should be a shutdown as it's a potentially dangerous

Since this problem has been a long term one I propose using the 4108
again for silicides, changing the quartzware in and out as needed,
i.e. reverting to the past mode before the 4100 came up.

Since the the long holiday is here it would be good to have silicide
RTA availability before staff leaves for the holiday and training a
couple of long term users how and where the clean/silicide quartzware
is kept.

--- fengj at wrote:

> Tried RTA_940 yesterday.For the first 5 wafers, the real
> temperature rose to about 700 - 800 degree C during the first two
> delay steps, and dropped before the desired ramp up. The real
> temperature rampped to 940 degree C pretty well, but after the
> stable step it stayed around 800 degree C instead of going down and
> we had to press the "SAVE EXIT" button to stop the process. For the
> 6th wafer the temperature did not rise during the first two delay
> steps but still could not go down after the stable step. For the
> following 2 wafers, the temperature profile was as abnormal as in
> the case of the first 5 wafers. During all the abnormal temperature
> rise, we could see the glowing from the chamber. It seemed that
> there was a glitch in the control system so that the heating lamp
> power could not be turned off.

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