Problem AG4100 SNF 2009-11-28 02:24:55: Forming Gas

John Shott shott at
Sat Nov 28 08:20:56 PST 2009


By looking at the gas panel, I can see that the Argon line and the 
forming gas line share a mass flow controller and that the quarter turn 
valve that would allow forming gas to flow is held in the closed 
position by a tywrap.  In other words, the system is only configured so 
that one of those gases can flow at any one time .... and it is 
currently set up for argon rather than forming gas.  In fact, my guess 
is that it has been in that configuration for some time.

This leads me to believe that there is likely some machine 
reconfiguration that is required to switch from argon to forming gas 
over and above closing the argon quarter-turn valve and opening the 
forming gas quarter turn valve.  As I really don't know the details of 
this process, I believe that the best thing to do is to wait until 
Monday when folks more knowledgeable than I will be around.



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