Problem AG4100 SNF 2010-05-19 16:47:44: Swivel motors (cassette rotation) not working

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Wed May 19 16:47:45 PDT 2010

After Jim got the 2.5 GPM wafer flow restored, Ed and I powered up the system to see how far we could get.  Most things came up with no problems and we could intialize the robot.
At the moment, however, the swivel motors that control the rotation of the send/receive cassettes is not working.
Following is Rick Forney's message about this:
Note: I've left a copy of this email and the circuit information on the table to the right of the 4100 in hopes that Cesar might be in to take a look at this.  Otherwise, in the morning, we will take off the screen and see if we have DC power to this board and see if we have something as simple as a fuse problem.
Hi John,
There is a control board for the cassette swivel motors on the left side of
the machine (between the receive cassette and the cooling station) under the
screen.  There is a small access panel on the left side of the machine.
The Allwin21 software does not control the cassette swivel motors.  We
usually disable these.
I will try to find the schematic for this board and send it to you.
Rick Forney
Sr. Systems Engineer
Allwin21 Corp.
3521 Leonard Court
Santa Clara, CA  95054
rickforney at

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