Comment AG4100 SNF 2010-09-02 14:47:57: Something to look at related to robot problems ....

shott at shott at
Thu Sep 2 14:47:57 PDT 2010

While this may be viewed as simply the idle musing of someone who doesn't spend nearly enough time in the lab, it occurs to me that the robot, the cabling to it and the robot controller were all in pretty close proximity to the spraying water that occurred several months ago when the cooling water was blocked, the door overheated, and the Tygon tubing to the door got heated to the point that it popped off the little hose barb fittings and sprayed the entire area with water.
I would suggest that it is a cheap experiment to power down the robot controller and carefully disconnect, clean, and re-connect all cables and connections that are readily accessible on the robot handling system.
While it may do nothing of use, it seems as if it a comparatively easy thing to do and may point toward contact corrosion as the source of intermittent robot failures.
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