Update ....

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Fri Apr 17 21:20:48 PDT 2009

SNF Lab Members:

We continue to experience lamp drop outs for the standard 30 second 1150 
degree C qualification runs .... the lamps turn off after about 20 or so 
seconds.  This is after working with AllWin to identify some problematic 
relays that we have replaced ... but replacing those relays did not fix 
the problem so we continue to search for the root cause.

While we are continuing to work on this problem, I have been asked 
whether either lower temperature or shorter time anneals will run 
successfully.  The honest truth is that I don't know.  I had the best of 
intentions of running a set of those experiments this week to determine 
that  .... and never got around to that.

So, for some of you who may be anxious to use the tool, I have a 
proposal where you can help me and, hopefully, get some useful work done.

Here is what I propose .... I'm going to remove the shutdown .... with 
the caveat that careful testing needs to be performed for any recipe 
before you commit real wafers for this purpose.  Particularly, for those 
of you who need either lower temperature or very short time anneals, it 
would help me to know if you experience lamp drop out.

So, I've left a box of L-type test wafers in the load area of the 
AG4100.  You may use any of those that you wish for testing.  They will, 
of course, need to be cleaned first ... Also, if you keep track of your 
equipment time, I will make sure that you are not charged for the time 
you spend seeing if your recipe will run if you tell me what you learn 
.... either a certain recipe ran successfully or the lamps dropped out 
after so many seconds.  I will treat that as community service time for 
any test wafers that you run.  Note: I will also leave an empty box for 
the test wafers after they have been put through the machine so there is 
no chance of contaminating the wet benches.

If you have any questions, let me know ....

But PLEASE, PLEASE if you plan to use this tool, make sure that you run 
test wafers to make sure that you don't experience lamp drop out on your 


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