Problem AG4108 2003-03-30 20:25:55: Report Problem for AG4108

mcconnel at mcconnel at
Sun Mar 30 08:25:56 PST 2003

For my process, I would like the steady-state temperature to be 1100C.  Tonight I tried a recipe that I have successfully used several times in the past, but the machine was unable to reach a temperature of 1100C.  I first tried a ramp rate of 100C/s and it only reached a temperature of about 920C, resulting in error #68: temperature out of error window.  I then tried a ramp rate of 60C/s.  By the end of the steady-state step it had reached a temperature of only 1000C, resulting in error message #04: can't reach specified temperature.  Is this a problem with the machine or with my recipe?

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