Problem AG4108 SNF 2006-04-20 02:33:22: occasional stopping

Robin King robinhmb at
Sun Apr 23 17:28:26 PDT 2006

Thanks Elmer for running a test.  When I ran it at 1000C with 20 sec
ramp, the temperature profile looked near-ideal for three or four
wafers in a row and then on rampup the measured temp would shoot up
above the model.  We should do it again with staff around.  Also, we
could use some log sheets to record what people are using.  Thanks.

--- eenriquez at wrote:

> Ran 42 wafers using RTA900 recipe with no problems.  It looks like
> the temperature control parameters still needs to be optimized. 
> For the RTA900 recipe, the temperature varied +10 to -16 degrees C
> from setpoint.  This might be the cause for the occasional run
> stoppage.

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