Shutdown AG4108 SNF 2008-05-23 18:18:55: Over Temp Switch

shott at shott at
Sat May 24 11:22:31 PDT 2008

I think that I have found and reset the top plate overtemp switch.  According to the manual, this is set at 90 deg C and once it trips the heaters will be kept off until it is manually reset.
I have now reset that (I think) and I have also added cooling capacity so that the temperature of the cooling water (when the tool is not running is about 63 F instead of 83 F.  This should improve things when running.
Unfortuantely, I'm not qualified to fly this tool (heck, I'm not even allowed to taxi) so I can't test completely if the lamps will come on.
If any one who can pilot this tool has the time and the inclination, I'm sure that the rest of the AG community would appreciate it if someone could do a test run to see if the lamps will come back on.
Note: because I had the back interlocked doors of the machine open to do this (and I also opened the same doors on the AG4100 for comparison purposes), that may have somehow moved the system into an error condition as well.  I also don't know how to reset that, but the doors are now properly closed, so that someone with better piloting skills can probably reset the sytem and software.
p.s. I'm about to clear the shutdown related to this same issues.

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