Problem AG4108 SNF 2009-07-17 17:44:05: Over temp top plate problem

nvgirish at nvgirish at
Fri Jul 17 17:44:05 PDT 2009

This error keeps recurring and I have reported it before as well, 2 weeks ago. I was running 1000C, 30sec RTA and after 3 wafers this problem began to crop up. I increased the dead time in my recipe from 75 sec to 150 sec. This only delayed the error i.e. instead of the 4th wafer failing  it was the 6th wafer. There seems to be an inherent cooling problem somewhere. 
This problem has been persisting with the clean RTA for over a year now; complete overhauls notwithstanding. I have run upto 20 wafers with the same recipe without a glitch in the past before that and it used to take less than half an hour. Now, one has to wait for the chamber to cool for about 10-15 min every 3 wafers. As a result, a process which should take 30min now takes 90 min. It is highly inconvenient and puts a spanner in the works with respect to subsequent processing and reservations. I and I am sure the RTA users community would greatly appreciate it if this problem can be looked at in terms of a long term solution or at least with a view to providing guidelines as to what to do to ensure that a simple anneal runs smoothly.
Thank you

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