AG4108 status 08/24/00

Len Booth booth at
Thu Aug 24 14:11:20 PDT 2000

AG4108 users -
	The machine is UP again and ready for 
public use.  Go ahead and reserve time on
CORAL and start processing.
	The flat aligner was repaired by the
vendor, and installed in the machine yesterday.
The wafer movement seems reliable now, and
Robin has run some oxidations to measure the
oxide thickness.  The average temperature is
as expected, with uniformity within 5%.
	The pyrometer chiller has been sent
out for repair; in the meantime we have
hooked up a temporaty chiller - it's located
on the floor behind the annealer.  Check that
the temperature readout on this chiller stays
at 15 degC during processing.  If it drifts
significantly, your wafer temps will probably
not be correct.
	If you notice any further problems,
use CORAL to notify us right away.

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