AG4108 Usage Poll - Response Requested

Brian Joseph Greene bgreene at
Tue Jan 9 18:42:47 PST 2001

AG4108 Users,
  I am polling the current users of the AG4108 to determine the general
usage of the machine.  This is primarily to determine which set of
quartzware (oxidation or silicide) should be the default setup for the
  Please respond to me, and let me know if the majority of your future 
work will require the use of clean quartzware, silicide quartzware, or if
the cleanliness of the quartzware is not important.
  I'll compile the results, and send them out by the end of the week.

  Also, I need to use the clean quartzware for a set of anneals.  If
anyone has definite plans to use the AG4108 with the silicide quartzware
in the next few weeks, let me know so we can coordinate the swapping of
the quartzware.  The AG4108 is currently set up with the silicide

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