Changing quartzware

Robin King king at
Mon Jan 22 19:22:42 PST 2001

On a related note, there may be a change in policy regarding separate
diffusion and silicide trays.   If you have any comments please contact 
Jim McVittie or Krishna Saraswat so they have your input.  I believe
they're trying to simplify the quartzware procedures while maintaining
diffusion-clean standards.  They may be considering a change in allowed
materials as well.

Robin King

On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Brian Joseph Greene wrote:

> Users,
>   I am planning to ask Len to change the AG4108 quartzware to the wbdiff
> clean quartzware THIS WEDNESDAY.  I sent out an email a couple of weeks
> ago warning users of this request.  The clean quartzware will remain
> installed for approximately one week.  Please let me know this causes any
> problems for any of you.
> Thank you,
> Brian
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