AG4108 chart recorder

Len Booth booth at
Wed Jul 25 11:28:57 PDT 2001

AG4108 users -
	We have recently had several users leave the
annealer with the chart recorder powered on when they
were finished using the machine.  This results in a
large pile of wasted paper on the floor, and an empty
paper spool in the chart recorder.  
	Although the operating instructions tell the user
to turn off the chart recorder when the temperature 
cycle is over, I've added a large note at the end of
the operating procedure saying to TURN OFF THE CHART RECORDER
when shutting down the machine.
	Even if you are a long time operator of this
machine, read & use the operating instructions as a 
checklist, to ensure that everyone is running the
machine in the same manner.
			thank you,

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