AG4108: Update on procedures

Nabeel Ibrahim ibrahim at
Thu Jun 7 13:46:23 PDT 2001

Here's the short version:

+ The policy of separate quartz trays for silicidation and oxidation shall
  remain in force
+ Please give the maintenance techs and other users at least 72 hours notice
  before a tray change

As some of you know, I ran some experiments in the AG4108 to examine whether
there was contamination from the metal wafers to the oxide wafers.  The goal
was to determine whether we could change the policy of using separate quartz
trays for silicidation and oxidation.

After building a set of capacitors and performing electrical and material
measurements on them, we have decided to maintain the current policy.  That
is, the results were not conclusive.  There is certainly evidence to
indicate that there is no cross-contamination, however, to remain on the
safe side, it was decided that the policy of changing quartz trays is the
best and safest policy.

In order to minimize the hassle of having to change trays, please
notify the techs at least 3 days in advance.   Furthermore, as a
courtesy to other users, *please* send email to this list
(ag4108 at in advance of a quartzware change.  This will
make it much easier for people to schedule their usage of the system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.


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