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Yaocheng Liu ychliu at stanford.edu
Mon Sep 17 18:10:26 PDT 2001

Balaji and I found out what was going on with the wafer out temp setting.
According to the coral history, I was the only user who used ag4108 over
the weekend. I used recipe #7 in Ali's disk, in which the wafer out temp
is set to be 250C. I double checked it before I ran the program, so it was
definitely 250C when I was working on my samples. We checked recipe
#7 in Ali's disk again this morning and found it was 250C. So there should
be no problem at all.
So why Balaji found 520C this morning? Here is the story. When I loaded
the recipes from Ali's disk, all the recipes were overwritten with the
ones read from that disk. As recipe #7 is the only one we use in that
disk, all the parameters in #7 are set right but we never take care of the
parameters in other recipes. When Balaji came in this morning, he checked
the parameters of recipe #1 without doing a new reading from the user
disk, while the wafer out temp of recipe #1 in Ali's disk happens to be
520C. After he did the recipe reading from the user disk, the setting was
righ (275C).
Based on this story, there are two suggestions.
First, do a recipe reading from the user disk or your own disk. Don't
assume the recipes loaded by the previous user are correct for you.
Second, before starting your run, do a double check to make sure the
parameters are set to the right values.


On Mon, 17 Sep 2001, Balaji Venkateshwaran wrote:

> AG4108 Users,
> Please make sure the wafer out temp (under "Recipe Edit Parameters") does not
> exceed 300C in the AG4108, or it might burn up the metal ring on the robot arm
> (besides causing a $1000 repair). I noticed a user over the weekend had turned
> up the wafer out temp. to 520C. THIS IS A RECIPE GUARANTEED TO BURN THE RING.
> Please be a little patient till the wafer cools to below 300C.
> Balaji



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