User Disks

Ali Mokhberi mokhberi at
Tue Sep 18 11:48:48 PDT 2001

Hi Everyone,
Since the incident with the high wafer-out temperature was caused because 
of a recipe on my disk, I wanted to address a few points in order to 
prevent future problems:

1) I was not aware of these recipes on my disk since I had never used them. 
So, all of us who have our own user disks should check all the recipes on 
the disk and either DESTROY OR CORRECT the "dangerous" recipes. This should 
be done immediately.

2) Please double check EVERYTHING before you run your wafers. The 
procedures for using AG4108 states checking all gauges, gas pressures, 
water flow, air flow, wafer-out temp etc. Please follow these instructions. 
If you are not sure what is supposed to be checked, refer to the folder 
next to the AG4108.

3) If you change any settings, CHANGE THEM BACK to the original state when 
you are done. For example,  reload the standard user's disk, enable 
oven-preheat if you had disabled it etc.

Thank you

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