AG4108: status update

Nabeel Ibrahim ibrahim at
Wed Feb 20 11:55:10 PST 2002

AG4108 users,

There is a problem with the NVRAM on the system that causes certain
configuration values to be changed during bootup.  Until a permanent fix is
installed, please contact Len or me to reset the system values if the system
is rebooted or power cycled for any reason.

Also, it bears repeating that you should ALWAYS check configuration 1 and 2.
If the values in either of those two menus are wrong, you processes will not
be reliable or repeatable.

Finally, because of problems with the NVRAM setup, the N2O flow is currently
nonfunctional.  This is a temporary problem and Len is working on a fix.
Until that fix is installed, you will not be able to use the N2O.

The system is currently powered down.  If you want to be the first to use
it, let me know when you plan to use it and I'll power it up and put in the
correct configuration values.


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