Oxidation tray change

Khanh Nguyen khanh at t-ram.com
Fri Jun 7 14:29:58 PDT 2002

Hell Chi On Chui,
Based on the e-mails I received, look like you are the last one who's
running on RTA.
So, if you can not finish the lot by Sat morning, pls let me know before
Monday morning.
In that case I can ask Len to change the tray to oxidation as long as
you finish the run.
Best regard,
Khanh Nguyen

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	From: Chi On Chui 
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	To: Kailash 
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	Subject: RE: Oxidation tray change

	I need to use the silicide tray tomorrow and sat morning also.
	If possible, I would prefer the swtiching to occur after that.
	/chi on
	> Hi Khan,
	>       I would like to use the oxidation tray as well. Do you
know when
	> the tray is going to be changed from silicide to oxidation?
	>       Thanks,
	>       - Kailash
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	> From: Khanh Nguyen [mailto:khanh at t-ram.com]
	> Sent: Wednesday, June 05, 2002 3:07 PM
	> To: AG4108 at snf.stanford.edu
	> Subject: Oxidation tray change
	> Hello all,
	> I would like to know who are going to use silicide quartzware
in the
	> next few days, so I can ask Len to change to oxidation tray
and schedule
	> for my reservation.
	> Thanks
	> Sincerely,
	> Khanh Nguyen
	> khanh at snf.stanford.edu
	> (408)807-8758

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