silicide tray on AG4108?

envy at envy at
Wed Nov 30 12:13:09 PST 2005

Hi all
   I needed the diffusion tray today @ 4:30 pm. Can you change it after my

> I second that. I need silicide tray for my Thu afternoon reservation from
> 2-5pm or so.
> Thanks!
> /Chi On
>> Hello!  Elmer and AG4108 users,
>> I am wondering if it is OK to change the AG4108 tray to silicide.
>> Yuan and I plan to use AG4108 on 7-9pm on this Thursday for silicide.
>> Please let us know.
>> Elmer, if it is OK for others, could you please change the tray?
>> Thank you very much and have a nice day!
>> Best,
>> Kyeongran

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