Dirty wafers run in AG annealers

Robin King robinhmb at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 14 23:53:15 PDT 2006

It appears that wafers which were not cleaned have been run in the
4108 and 4100 at elevated temperatures.  This seems to be an
ongoing issue generating a great deal of concern.  
The rule is that ALL wafers must have been cleaned in an approved
manner within an hour before processing (if this has changed please
let us know). 

Dummy wafers stored in a cassette, either in an enclosed box or in
the open air in a machine cassette, do not somehow have a free pass
permitting them to go uncleaned, contaminating the chamber and
subsequently loaded device wafers.  

Please remember that these are clean furnace tubes like Tylan 1 and 2
and therefore all lab users, process and maintenance staff need to
show consideration of others' research by being mindful of their
cleanliness habits. 

At this point it would be good to clean both chambers.

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