oxidation recipe

Raymond Woo rwoo at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 18 16:37:56 PDT 2006

We ran an oxidation test this afternoon with 4 wafers using the recipe 
that Robin suggested below.  The actual ramp rate was a bit low (~60 
deg/sec) but that can probably be fixed with an optimized recipe.  The 
ellipsometer measured oxide thicknesses varied between 102A and 117A. 
 From TSUPREM simulations this corresponds to a worst case temperature 
error of between 5 and 10 deg.  I've kept the individual wafer 
printouts, so if anyone would like the more detailed results just let me 

First Wafer: avg=108 std dev=2.8
Second Wafer: avg=102 std dev=3.9
Third Wafer: avg=115 std dev=3.0
Fourth Wafer: avg=117 std dev=3.8

- Ray

Robin King wrote:
> For anyone wanting to check the tempurature calibration on the 4108
> or 4100 so they can run wafers, it's easy to diffusion clean some
> lightly doped test wafers and run this recipe. Be sure to run a few
> cleaned dummy wafers ahead of the real test wafers. 
> AG field service sent a copy of the conditions they use:  O2, 1150C,
> 30 seconds, ramp at 100C/sec.  Result should be 120A or close using
> the ellipsometer program 11.  
> It would be good to start doing this again on a regular basis, such
> as during training etc.
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