AG4100 Vs AG4108

Ed Myers edmyers at
Mon Jan 30 17:05:18 PST 2006


We have finally received the permit to operate the AG4100.  Since we have 
two systems, the plan is to separate processing between the two 
systems.  From this point forward, please use the following guideline while 
you develop your process flow and RTP recipes:

AG4108: Clean Silicon processing only  (No silicides or Ge)

AG4100: Silicide and Ge processing only (No Clean Silicon)

If you haven't been in the fab recently, you may not know we changed the 
operational software on the AG4108.  Now both system are running the same 
control software.  With the release of the AG4100 and the change in 
software for the AG4108, the recipes are in flux.  We will be working on 
gathering process information and doing recipe optimization.  The systems 
will remain under a yellow light, until we feel comfortable with the 
quality of the anneals or oxidations.

We are opening up the systems to the users before we have fully optimized 
recipes.  If you have a critical recipe, please be aware you should verify 
the recipe before you commit your devices.  Talk with either Uli or Ed to 
keep track of the status of the various recipes.

Remember, both systems need to have the process recipes verified.

Ed and Uli

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