ASM epi Process Flow Considerations

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Jun 14 11:17:08 PDT 2006

RTP and Epi Users,

In order to support a contract, there is need to run wafers on a 
process flow which is outside of the norm.  SpecMat, management and 
faculty have held a number of discussions regarding the process 
flow.  The challenge is the wafers need epi, following a number of 
processing steps done in Semiclean tools.  The highlights of the 
process flow are:

*Standard Si substrate wafers.
*Clean and Semiclean tools include,SiGe furnace, LTO (non-metal 
side), AG4108 and P5000.
*IMEC type Ge cleans.
*finally ASM Epi.

Since the wafers will go through a number of steps prior to epi, we 
felt it was in the best interest of the RTP and Epi community to have 
an opportunity to discuss the safeguards being taken.  I have asked 
the principle parties to give a brief, technical presentation to 
illustrate the safeguards and the effectiveness of the IMEC type cleans.

The presentation and discussion will be held in:

CIS101 Thursday, June 15th beginning at 3:00pm


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