Problem amtetcher 2004-04-09 02:34:45: possible arcing mark on tray 6 etc.

rohits at rohits at
Fri Apr 9 02:34:46 PDT 2004

Some problems:
(1) While checking the trays at the end of my main process, I saw a light brown mark on the top of tray 6. Not sure if this is due to arcing. It wasn't present before my main process.
(2) While checking the trays before using the tool, I noticed that one of the dummy wafers on tray 3 had chipped near one of the clips and there were small wafer pieces on the base. I removed this wafer and replaced it with a bare-Si wafer of my own. The broken wafer is kept in the blue cassette.
(3) Similar to previous reports, the pump down speed seems to be slower than usual. It takes about 20min to go down to 0.5mtorr. Also, the plasma color seemed slightly different (darker shade of yellow) than the usual for the standard oxide etch (process 3)

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