Comment amtetcher 2004-03-15 16:12:02: Experiment to eliminate arcing

eenriquez at eenriquez at
Mon Mar 15 16:12:03 PST 2004

I have put kapton tape around the area of the latch slot on trays #2 and #4. The purpose of the tape is to eliminate the arcing problem.  I have noticed that most of the arcing has occured on sharp corners around the half moon slot.  The plan is to put tape on each of the trays as they fail.  If we get arcing on the trays with tape, I will either take all the tape off if it arcs on an area covered with tape, or add more tape if it arcs on an uncovered spot.  I have spoken with Jim Mcvitty about this and he didn't have any problems with it.  Please let me know if you have any concerns about this.

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