Comment amtetcher SNF 2004-09-05 15:06:50: what's up with the amt?

beckwith at beckwith at
Sun Sep 5 15:06:51 PDT 2004

I have not used this machine for a while, so I read the instructions, then I checked the program. Yikes! First off, has the base
pressure been changed on all of the programs to .8? It used to
be .2, as it says on page 5 of the operating instructions. If it is 
8, why would you say "N" when programming this in? I used .2, hope that is OK. Also, the DC bias was programmed in as zero. I changed it to 530 only to find it doesn't work. It consistantly failed at ~475, maybe this is why someone put in zero? I ended up using 450. I also found theMax RF at 1300. Is this new? I changed it back to 1400 because that is what it said on the Etch Rates sheet.
There are no blank log sheets in the binder or in the gowing room. The last log sheet filled out in the book is from July 20, 2004.There are no indications of any of this on those sheets. Also, the new shut down procedure is no where to be found, 

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