Shutdown amtetcher SNF 2006-03-08 17:51:47: SHUTDOWN AMT- many problems

king at king at
Wed Mar 8 17:51:48 PST 2006

AMT continues to have the same problems as previously reported.  Today it is unable to continue an etch for more than 30 seconds.  A summary of problems:
1. Turbo Overload.  Stops the etch.
2. #Garbled! # characters'?
3. Intermittent high process pressure and reflected power.
4. Normal etch rates substantially slowered.
5. Manometer head fails every pumpdown, sometimes twice noafter venting.
6. Hex jog fails to fully rotate. 
(these last two were problems before the main seal change around October).
Apparently there must be other causes for these problems that haven't yet been found.  Similar problems were on March 4, 3 and Feb 26, 23, 23, 22 and possibly more.  Thanks very  much.

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