Problem amtetcher SNF 2009-08-04 15:05:43: had to vent the chamber 3 times after the recipe.

shott at shott at
Tue Aug 4 18:12:42 PDT 2009

As noted in Li-Wen's message to amtetcher at snf, following the EPO event, a number of the underlying properties defaulted to their factory default rather than to their proper setting.  In particular, max vent time was set too low, with explains the "failure to vent" that several of you have recently reported.  Also, the settings for the mass flowmeters (including the size and calibration factor) needed to be reset to proper values.
I'm clearing the "won't vent" problems and believe that having reset all of the known "hidden parameters" to their proper values should make life much better.  However, as Li-Wen suggested, everyone who etched wafers during the past several runs should look at their results  carefully and anyone etching in the near future should be careful to run test runs until we get confirmation of proper etch performance.

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