Problem amtetcher SNF 2009-06-17 11:37:14: Etch nonuniform, etch rate inconsistent

tura at tura at
Wed Jun 17 11:37:15 PDT 2009

#3 standard oxide, 3 weeks ago I measured 425A/min, 1 week ago I measured 345A/min, today I measured 385A/min. Also the etch was VERY nonuniform today (~30% less etch towards the edges of the wafer). Program#3 only has GAS1 and GAS2, but during the etch GAS3 and GAS5 read 2. In fact GAS5 reads 2 even when the chamber is open, I hope that is reading wrong and we are not breathing NF3 in the lab. If those gases are present during the etch, it could certainly cause the etch inconsistencies.

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