Comment amtetcher SNF 2009-10-07 18:38:54: Maintenace work

eenriquez at eenriquez at
Wed Oct 7 18:38:55 PDT 2009

Replaced the manometer with a newly calibrated manometer.
Installed a newly calibrated SF6 MFC.  Able to flow SF6 but the shutoff valve (pneumatic valve)  is stuck open.  It looks like there is a problem with the digital output board.  Will continue to troubleshoot.  Shutoff the manual valve and pumped out the SF6 line  to ensure that SF6 will not flow in the system.  Also need to zero the MFC because it reads 1 sccm with no gas in the line.
Took out and measured the quartz viewport port.  Will order new windows tomorrow.
The new manometer might effect your process.  Please qualify your process before comitting your wafers. 

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