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Jim McVittie mcvittie at cis.Stanford.EDU
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As for Amtetcher training, we will be making some video tapes of Sharleen
doing her training on the different etcher before she leaves the SNF staff
on Aug 25. Nancy Latta will be taking over the training however she will
be using the video tapes for the initial training and following up with a
shorter direct training period.
In regard to using thick resist on the Amtetcher, we have had lots of
problems with resist burning and arching over the years with thick resist.
Oxide etching runs at a pretty high power density. With normal resist
thicknesses (1.2 um), this tools runs very close to the resist burning
point. THicker resist often pushes one over the burning point. Newer
etchers, such as the P5000, get around the resist burning problem by
coolinng the backside of the wafer. You can reduct resist burning in the
amtetcher by harding the resist surface and doing a high temperature
(150C) bake but reticulation is often a problem. Going to the P5000 is not
a total solution since thick resist tends to stick the the wafer clamp and
causes wafer unloading problem. The current solution for this problem in
the p5000 is to remove the resist along the wafer edge.

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On Fri, 11 Aug 2000, Uma Krishnamoorthy wrote:

> Does anyone have much experience using thick resist (SPR220-7) as a mask
> for oxide etching on the amtetcher? If so, any suggestions on
> preprocessing  my wafers before the etch step? 
> Also, I need to etch a very thin layer of oxide (~500A) on my wafer. With
> Sharleen leaving, I cannot get trained on the equipment either.  Is anyone
> running a similar program that I could piggyback on anytime soon? 
> Thanks
> Uma
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