AMTetcher - cryo is working again.

Len Booth booth at
Wed Oct 4 14:12:34 PDT 2000

Users -			Wednesday  10/4/00  2:00 PM
	The cryopump on the amtetcher is working
again, and is ready for use.  I've changed program
#3 so the cryo step will be used before the
process starts.  Check the other programs and make
sure that they will use the cryopump step also.
	After the cryo was fixed, faults started
coming from the turbopump system.  The foreline
bellows had a leak, so that has been replaced
and the foreline rerouted.
	Also, the pyrex window for the operators
viewport has been replaced (you can actually
see the wafers on the hex now!).
	As usual, please send me an e-mail if
you experience any more problems with the machine.

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