New stand-by recipe- PLEASE READ!

Nancy Latta latta at
Wed Jun 30 17:04:49 PDT 2004

Dear Fellow Amtetcher Users,

First, thank you for hanging in there with us as we have tried to 
address the arcing problem with the tool.  It has been frustrating for 

Elmer has performed various tests with the clean recipe and has come up 
with a method of cleaning and seasoning the chamber after use.  He has 
not been able to make the machine arc since trying this modification to 
the stand-by ('holding'- process2) recipe.

Here is his description of the new recipe:

Modified the standby recipe (recipe 2) to perform a clean and seasoning
prior to going on HOLD.  The clean is a 3 step clean and a seasoning.
     1st clean- 45 mT, 1400 W for 1 minute : this step fixes the pressure
limit fault experienced when running at 30 mT.
     2nd clean- 30 mt, 1400 W for 4 minutes
     3rd clean- 70 mT, 1400 W for 3 minutes
     seasoning- recipe 3 for 2 minutes

What this means for you, besides not having the arcing problem, is that 
at shutdown, the recipe will take longer to get to' holding'.  If you 
disable the tool before it achieves 'holding' it will stop the recipe.  
It will take about 20 minutes to get Process 2 to the holding step where 
it is safe to disable.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this very important 



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