System status ....

John Shott shott at
Sun Jun 1 14:39:12 PDT 2008

amtetcher community:

This weekend, Cesar rebuilt a number of important elements of this 
system.  In particular, he replaced the set of O-rings that seal the 
hexode assembly.  He also cleaned and replaced the bell jar liner and 
the gas distribution tubes.  Finally, he cleaned the base plate, the 
inside of the bell jar (the part that is normally hidden by the bell jar 
liner, and the "roof" of the bell jar.

While it will take a while to know for sure, we are hopeful that these 
things will improved the post-midnight pumping situation.  Regardless, 
they are things which needed to be done.

After this major teardown, we've run process 3 a couple of times and 
process 2 a couple of times to season the system.

However, at this point we do not know what the etch rates are or what 
the uniformity looks like.  As a result, I would caution anyone who 
plans to use this tool to proceed with the utmost caution.  In 
particular, I would not risk important wafers in it until we have done 
some testing of etch rates and selectivity.

While Nancy will be out on vacation,  I'll try to work with other staff 
members to see if we can get this tool checked out tomorrow.

I have removed the shutdown .... but please be forewarned, this tool has 
not been checked out since this major rebuild.



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