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ben.jian ben.jian at
Wed Sep 23 19:07:25 PDT 2009

Hi John,

I just did 30min etch using AMT Etcher with the new bottle of CHF3 gas (Freon 23).  My result shows that the thermal oxide etch rate is almost identical to (but slightly higher than) several days ago.  So it seems that the new CHF3 bottle is fine.



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  From: John Shott
  Subject: Freon 23 update ...
  Sent: 22 Sep '09 20:41

  SNF Lab Members:

  As you know, we unexpectedly ran out of Freon 23. Elmer has found that
  we had a leak in the high-pressure vent valve that was largely
  responsible for draining the cylinder. Because the output of that valve
  runs to a vented exhaust, it was tricky to detect.

  As you may also be aware, our original replacement cylinder was
  scheduled for delivery on Friday. David Cala has worked hard to
  identify an alternative source that has scheduled delivery for tomorrow
  (Wednesday). While we don't yet know exactly when that cylinder will
  arrive tomorrow, we are confident that this will allow us to return
  these important tools to service in a much more timely fashion.

  We try hard not to run out of gas without a spare on hand ... and
  apologize that it happened this time.

  Thank you for your continued support,


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