220-3 in amtetcher?

Stephanie Claussen sclaussen at stanford.edu
Tue Aug 30 22:08:17 PDT 2011


I was wondering if anyone had experience with using 220-3 as an etch
mask in amtetcher. I've used it for a while, doing a post-develop bake
in the 110C oven for 30-60 minutes. However, I realized over the past
few days that this bake is causing my resist to reflow and messing up
my pattern. I tried to skip the bake, but that caused my resist to
burn during a 12 minute Process 3 etch (I have not seen resist burning

Someone mentioned doing a UV cure to aid the resist during the etch.
Has anyone done this successfully? Or have any other input? I need
thick resist due to my long etch times. I could do >1.6um 3612, but
this would require characterization steps I'd rather not do.


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