Problem asml SNF 2007-07-30 12:14:08: rostem is running the system and

Binder Mann binder.mann at
Mon Jul 30 14:53:47 PDT 2007

Hi Gary,
First time around the wafer failed for focusing and leveling: that means
the wafer must have some kind of contamination on the back, which came
off some where in the system during unloading and the wafer went thru
exposure with no error. Please advise everyone to check wafer backs for
c/n prior running thru the system.
Thanks and regards, Binder
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Logging screen indicated a leveling problem and wafer was rejected.
Unable to exit ftom the batch control screen(hourglass still running for
over an hour). Removed reticles from system through material handling.
Exited and restarted the system software. Checked IQC- Still good. Had
Rostem retry has wafer. Wafer exposed with no problem.  GS

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