Power Glitch .....

John Shott shott at stanford.edu
Thu Jul 3 21:52:27 PDT 2008


It appears as if we may have experienced some sort of power surge or 
instability at about 7:30 p.m. .... although I've heard no reports of 
lights flickering or other things.  However, it appears as if all 3 
banks of Tylan furnaces tripped .... their local main breakers appear to 
have been in something of an intermediate state.  Also, at about the 
same time, the is the following report on the ASML:

> There seemed to be two power glitches in the lab. The stepper rejects all wafers and displays the following warnings
> CT: WS Temperature (22.54C) is out of warning range [21.50 -22.50C].
> CT: Incoming water temperature (22.51C) is out of warning range [21.00-22.50C]
> The machine log states:
> This wafer should not be started since CT status indicates an error; 
> sensor status: All sensors ok.
> TCU status: Not ok
> Airco status: ok
> Particle counter status: ok
> Airfan status: ok
> CT driver status: IDLE.

While it may be unrelated, it seems to have been suspiciously close .... 
or maybe it occurred when some of the Tylans were coming back on.

In any event, by the time I arrived at 8:30 this evening, Eric had all 
of the Tylans back in operation with the exception of TEOS2.  It is 
reporting a TCU error and is not applying power to the SCRs so I have 
shut it down.  As I didn't know anything about the ASML, I figured that 
I shouldn't even check it.

So, that's the news as of Friday evening ....  have a good weekend,


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