Problem asml SNF 2008-07-09 14:45:09: E-chuck needs cleaning

gsosa at gsosa at
Thu Jul 10 17:12:38 PDT 2008

FSE came in and cleaned the wafer table surface. We found that a small area of the wafer table had photo-resist on it (about a 2 x 12 mm area) which caused the hot spot. This is totally unacceptable. In your training it is thoroghly stressed that wafers need to be inspected and necessary action taken if they are not clean.Exposed and developed another hotspot wafer which came out good. Also allowed tool to stabilize and updated focus with IQC test. All critical parameters are in spec. It is your responsibility to ensure that your wafers are clean before they can be processed in the stepper. Please take the extra time to inspect your wafers. This is a highly sensitive precision tool and many users depend on it to be in and optimized state to ensure good results.   

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