Comment asml SNF 2008-07-31 17:15:49: black handle are broken

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Thu Jul 31 17:15:50 PDT 2008

Please do not attempt to swing out the stone, even if it is to clean the table.  Both bolts broke off of the black handle so the lever arm where the stone rests on has no stop point.  Probable cause is due to the bolts were a little loose and over time became bent causing them to seize when removing the bolts.  We removed this part of the lever arm, but we were unable to remove the bolts, so we will have to order a new part.
It is a factory part and will have to come from Veldhoven.  Most likely it will be sometime next week when we recieve it. 
The tool is fully operational, and the stone can still be swung out if needed.  It just requires the stone in/out box to do so, and it should be done with care(someone well trained). 
You can page me at 1.888.263.3803 if needed to swing out the stone.

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