Comment asml SNF 2008-06-23 17:52:36: M3628 stone I/O up date

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Mon Jun 23 17:52:37 PDT 2008

This is the update from what has been done on the system on 
Saturday  June 21th.
Currently the wafer stage for m3628 will not turn out automatically under plc control.  The stone positioning is very repeatable, and there is no need to worry about any metrology related drifts due to this issue.  I confirmed the stone positioning repeatability by running fine wafer shifts between several iterations of turning the stone in and out using the level shifting tool.  The problem is complicated by the fact that one digit of the PLC is burned out making it very difficult to determine exactly what step is failing during a in/out operation.  I replaced the rotary cylinder last night as the rotary out vso died during troubleshooting on Friday.  Currently, the movement is very smooth and steady.  Based on the fact that I usually get an error 3? (question mark due to missing digit) while turning out the stone it still appears the the rotary cylinder never turns all the way out under plc control.  I tried re-dressing the stage cabling as the cables appear to interfere with the turn out motion, but it had little to no affect.  While checking the centering of the stone take over lever / latch, a bolt was broken which will need to be fixed at the next available opportunity.  I'm confident that it is ok to start the 3D align work next week, however the stage will have to be manually turned out using the LST if any chuck cleans, or size conversions need to take place. 
I will make all the preparations to remove the bolt and arrange for time with Mahnaz. 
I left the LST, 4" wafer handling calibration wafer, and the load sensor adjustment key on site under the OCU. I have the stone positioning tool if you need it.  I took it out of the fab due to the fact that it was getting in the way of normal fab operation. 
Chris Ringwelski

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