Shutdown asml SNF 2009-03-27 00:00:55: Wafers stuck

ericp at ericp at
Fri Mar 27 00:00:56 PDT 2009

3 wafers in total in machine.   1 is in the input cassette. 
Machine indicates other two are on D-chuck and E-chuck. 
Wafers were tested on granite. This was a backside alignment.  
Error message is: "Wafer probably lost in machine. Wafer was expected on inp robot."   I did notice something strange.  After the machine took 
the first two wafers, the load arm stayed in the cassette, and didn't grab wafer #3.  (Only 3 wafers were requested to be run in the batch).  
The robot seemed to be looking for a wafer in about slot #10 (??)
Software requests a "FAST STARTUP", which results in 
"Wafer Handler:  Failed"
Nishant looked at it, and restarted the software, but it ends in the same place:  "Wafer probably stuck in machine....".  

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