Problem asml SNF 2009-10-23 18:16:06: Tool update - No quartz wafers

gsosa at gsosa at
Fri Oct 23 18:16:06 PDT 2009

Please do not process quartz wafers at this time. The edge sensor on the pre-aligner was replaced with a standard model and may not  detect the edges and flats of quartz wafers.
Wafer edge sensor on pre-align unit having problems centering the wafer and detecting the wafer flat. ASM-L FSE's troubleshot and replaced the edge sensor assembly. Full wafer handling calibration completed and all critical parameters in spec. The edge sensor that went bad was a special sensor used for quartz wafers. The installed edge sensor is a standard model and may not work  with quartz. Please do not run quartz wafers until we get a special edge sensor designed to work with quartz. System up and ready to use.  

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